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Get A Free Solar Consultation

Ready to find out what solar can do for you?


Complete this simple form and we’ll put you in touch with one of our energy consultants within 24 hours.

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STEP 1 – Basic Info.

After filling out the simple form, Longhorn Solar will contact you within 1 business day to discuss your project and schedule a site assessment.  The initial consultation is both fun and informative.


STEP 2 – Site Assessment

Site Assessments help us determine exactly what we’re working with there are NO surprises later.


Our team will:
• Assess the current condition of your roof, documenting any existing damage we may find.
• Map and measure your roof planes and document any current and/or future shading concerns.
• Fully document your existing electrical infrastructure.


Our Site Assessor will take over 60 photographs during a Site Assessment and provide a detailed set of reports to the Design Department.


Then, we begin building out your project.  Attention to detail during a Site Assessment means no unforeseen costs down the road.


Step 3 – Review & Sign the Contract

Your Account manager will present you with a comprehensive proposal, detailing the following:


  • detailed list of all major components
  • incentives/rebates/tax credits
  • projected energy harvest and savings
  • your installation timeline
  • the best warranty in the business.


All you have to do is sign the contract and we do the rest. The average installation is commissioned and producing electricity within 60-90 days depending on the procedures in place for the city and utility district where your property is located.