Residential and Commercial Solar Installation Service | Longhorn Solar
Longhorn Solar provides residential & commercial solar panel installation services in TX. We especially love working with smaller companies trying to maximize every dollar.
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Our Services

Residential Solar

Residential Solar Installation

At Longhorn Solar, residential solar panel installation is our bread-and-butter.  We’re a local, family-owned company with offices in Austin, Dallas and San Antonio.  Since 2009, we’ve helped homeowners like you save over $5.2 Million off their electricity bills- and we’re just getting started.  LICENSED.  INSURED.  CERTIFIED TO THE GILLS.  We’ve even won some really neat awards!

Small Commercial Solar Installation

We have a heart for helping other locally owned businesses save money with solar.  We especially love working with smaller companies trying to maximize every dollar.  We think you’ll be super-excited when you hear just how much sense solar makes.  If your company’s electric bill averages $200 to $1,500 per month, you should give us a call . . . today . . . like right now!  You’ll be amazed by how easy we make the process.

Small Commercial solar
Emergency Backup Power

Fully Automated Emergency Backup Power

Gotta love Texas weather! It can be sunny one minute and then turn all kinds of nasty the next.  If you want (or need) access to power when the grid fails, we have the perfect solution.

Not sure whether a battery back up system or a generator would work better for your situation?  Give us a call.  Our solar experts are here to help.